The Power of Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are one of my very favorite ways to bring joy into my life. I use them for guidance, journaling prompts, personal reflection, and so much more. But there's so much more to the cards than just pulling a card each day.

In this transformational 60-minute workshop, you'll get to:

  • Learn how to pick the perfect deck(s) for you.
  • Read cards in all kinds of different ways and combinations.
  • Discover ways to bond with your deck and make it yours - from dedicating a new deck to altering the edges to creating a beautiful bag or box for your cards.
  • Display and storage options for your card collection.
  • Add crystals and runes to your card-reading practice.

Your Cards. Your Way.

When it comes down to it, there's no wrong way to work with oracle cards - and the possibilities are pretty endless!

I'm so excited to share my favorite oracle card tips and tricks with you - along with methods and card spreads from the experts.

We'll also talk about a bunch of unique ways to use the cards to increase your joy, enhance your creativity, heighten your spiritual connection, and spread love to special people in your life.

Everything You Need

This class was recorded live in June 2021 and is now immediately available as soon as you register.

  • 60-minute video workshop full of new ways to work with your oracle cards

  • How to get to know your deck and make it uniquely yours

  • Step-by-step guidance for card reading rituals and out-of-the box oracle card ideas

  • Beautiful PDF handout with all of the class information, as well as journaling worksheets

  • BONUS: Access to The ShineFolio System, a special class full of printable PDF pages of spiritual guidance, crafty goodness, and space for your own journaling. FREE as part of your class enrollment!

Your Guide

Founder and President

Allyson Bright

I'm Ally, and joy is my superpower.

Life has not been awesome to me. When I was 31, I was widowed unexpectedly when my husband died by suicide. And when I was 37 - just as life started to really feel okay again - I was blindsided with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

And despite this, anyone who knows me will tell you I'm the happiest person they know. In fact, right now? I'm experiencing more joy, peace, and calm in my daily life than ever - even as my body fights me daily.

I'm a Certified Holistic Life Coach, an Advanced Crystal Practitioner, and a Reiki Master. My magic formula is a combination of creativity, spiritual connection, and community. As a result, I'm able to show up for myself and my soul in ways that I never thought possible.

And I can't wait to share all of that magic with you.