Magical, Powerful You!

So much more than your sun sign

When it comes to our personal astrology, we're usually taught just one thing: our "sun" or primary zodiac sign. But there's SO much more to it than that! Taking a deeper look at your personal chart lets you discover more about your personal magic - including new ways to thrive and harness your personal superpowers.

In this set of three 90-minute virtual workshops, you'll get to:

  • Discover your full personal birth chart (detailed instructions provided before class)
  • Learn how your sun, moon, and rising signs work together to create a more detailed personality profile
  • Use the strengths of each part of your personal design to create more of the life you want to live
  • Create a mini personal astrology art journal to help you remember and celebrate the magic of you (with optional super hilarious memes)

Everything You Need

Three video workshops
Recorded live in January and February 2022
Instant and lifetime access to recordings

  • Discover the magic of your personal astrological "big three" formula, including your sun, moon, and rising signs

  • Guidance for creating your own personal astrological art journal

  • Three 90-minute video workshops with deep dives and Q&A

  • Beautiful PDF handouts with all of the class information

  • BONUS: Access to The ShineFolio System, a special class full of printable PDF pages of spiritual guidance, crafty goodness, and space for your own journaling. FREE as part of your class enrollment!

Your Guide

Founder and President

Allyson Bright

I’m Ally, and I’ve got your back.

I know that life can be really damn hard sometimes. But the one thing I’ve learned through all of my own struggles?

There actually is a secret to getting through the twists and turns.

Are you ready?

It’s you.

It’s that deep-down, magical voice whispering that there just might be something more than surviving.

It's listening to your soul when it longs for joy. And love. And magic. And silliness.

Consider me your personal guide to all of that and so much more.

I’m a Certified Holistic Life Coach, a Reiki Master Teacher, and an Advanced Crystal Practitioner, among other things. But most importantly? I'm here for you.

I’m committed to creating powerful healing experiences because they changed my life - and you deserve that magical transformation, too. Because there absolutely is something more waiting for you.

And if you’re ready, I’m here to help you find it.